Our Products

ESI manufactures and distributes iron flow batteries that allow large-scale energy storage for wholesale electricity generators, energy retailers, and commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

ESI’s iron flow batteries have an 8 to 12-hour storage capacity and lifecycle of 25 years — something that is not provided by other battery technologies.

ESI also manufactures small, modular distributed energy storage units that can be installed in the voltage networks and microgrids (including in Queensland’s 33 remote communities that are currently powered by diesel) and behind the meter installations for C&I customers.

Our iron flow batteries are completely sustainable and 100 per cent recyclable, and the environmentally friendly electrolyte means that the product is ideally suited to remote locations, National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef.

ESI’s batteries are safe, water-based, non-hazardous, and fully recyclable. Use of abundant resources ensures sustainable production too. In brief, our products are:

The products are also ideally suited to Australian conditions and an elegant solution to Australia’s renewable energy needs. They will help underpin security and stability of supply as Australia transitions to a network where generation comes from renewable energy sources.

Our Services

We supply, install and provide on-going maintenance for our customers of iron flow batteries.

Importantly, the technology is backed by leading global re-insurance company Munich Re which mitigates risk for ESI’s customers.

Partnering with Munich Re, we have launched an industry-first insurance coverage for our battery flow technology. This world-first innovative policy means that our long-duration storage solutions are now baked by a full 10-year performance guarantee, regardless of project size or where it's located.