About Us

At Energy Storage Industries — Asia Pacific (ESI), we provide reliable and environmentally friendly renewable energy storage solutions that are essential for Australia's transition to a renewable energy future.

ESI is fully integrated — we manufacture, install, maintain and finance energy storage solutions.

We are investing in the manufacture and distribution of low-cost, long-life iron flow batteries that allow large-scale energy storage for wholesale electricity generators, energy retailers, and commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. Construction has started on our manufacturing facility at Maryborough.

We are also investing in the manufacture of small, modular distributed energy storage units that can be installed in low voltage networks and microgrids, and behind the meter installations for C&I customers.

By the end of 2026, ESI will produce 200MW | 1.6GWh of energy storage annually. With an ambition to expand to 400MW | 3.2GWh.

We have a research and development facility at the National Battery Testing Centre in Brisbane.

With a focus on constantly improving energy storage technology, we have developed a research and development facility at the renowned National Battery Testing Centre in Brisbane.

ESI plans to export renewable energy battery storage solutions to the Asia Pacific region within the next six years.